Dashboard for City of Lincoln Park

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Fiscal Stability 2019 2020 Progress
Fiscal Wellness Indicator Score 1 1
Annual General Fund expenditures per capita $622 $636
Fund balance as % of General Fund Revenues 20.8% 17.8%
Debt burden per capita $22.0 $18.7
Economy & Financial Health 2019 2020 Progress
Population 36,321 36,517
Taxable Value (100k) $544,982 $530,321
Public Safety 2018 2019 Progress
Crimes against persons per thousand residents 25.1 26.6
Crimes against property per thousand residents 44.4 37.4
Crimes against society per thousand residents 19.7 14.5
Other crimes per thousand residents 5.3 8.9
Traffic crashes property 987 915
Traffic crashes injuries 194 190
Traffic crashes fatalities 2 1
School District Enrollment 2019 2020 Progress
School District of the City of Lincoln Park 4,838 4,936
OPEB Notes:
The City of Lincoln Park has no assets for the Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB).  The city funds these plans on a pay as you go basis and due to past and current financial constraints, therefore has not been able to set aside any OPEB funds.  The City plans to begin setting aside funding in the very near future.