Dashboard for Charter Township of Springfield

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Fiscal Stability 2021 2022 Progress
Fiscal Wellness Indicator Score 0 0
Annual General Fund expenditures per capita $239 $225
Fund balance as % of General Fund Revenues 195.3% 120.7%
Economy & Financial Health 2021 2022 Progress
Population 14,699 14,000
Taxable Value (100k) $713,386 $738,841
School District Enrollment 2021 2022 Progress
Brandon School District 2,274 2,209
Clarkston Community School District 8,582 8,630
Holly Area School District 3,224 3,101
Culture & Lifestyle 2021 2022 Progress
Governmental Funds committed to arts culture and recreation $12 $5
Pension Notes:
Springfield Township does not offer a pension.
OPEB Notes:
Current Township policy provides the option for retirees to continue medical insurance coverage with the Township policy but at their own expense, therefore not creating legacy costs for the Township.

The Township established a typical pension program in the mid 1970’s which was discontinued and replaced by a 401K plan in the early 1980s. The Township has no unfunded liabilities under the 401K or any other benefit program.