Fiscal Stability 2017 2018 Progress
Fiscal Wellness Indicator Score 2 1
Annual General Fund expenditures per capita $771 $665
Fund balance as % of General Fund Revenues 30.9% 36.1%
Debt burden per capita $0.0 $0.0
Economy & Financial Health 2017 2018 Progress
Population 631 660
Taxable Value (100k) $11,313 $11,198
Public Safety 2016 2017 Progress
Crimes against persons per thousand residents 22.2 17.4
Crimes against property per thousand residents 20.6 22.2
Crimes against society per thousand residents 22.2 11.1
Other crimes per thousand residents 9.5 11.1
School District Enrollment 2017 2018 Progress
West Branch-Rose City Area Schools 2,058 2,063
Culture & Lifestyle 2017 2018 Progress
Percent of Governmental Funds committed to arts culture and recreation 1.73% 2.41%
Dashboard Notes:
The City of Rose City has no long term debt.
Pension Notes:
The City had employees that never got vested so the pension funding  was over funded and now with the market changing and retiree's collecting, that reflects the change you see. 

The pension comes from the MERS report. The latest MERS received was for 2017 as reflected in the chart. 
OPEB Notes:
Rose City does not offer / provide Other Post Employement Benefits (OPEB) to any active or retired Rose City employee.