01 SEMCOG (Southeast Michigan Council of Governments)
02 R2PC (Region 2 Planning Commission)
03 SMPC (Southcentral Michigan Planning Council)
04 SWMPC (Southwestern Michigan Commission)
05 GLSPC (GLS Region V Planning Commission)
06 TCRPC (Tri-County Regional Planning Commission)
07 EMCOG (East Michigan Council of Governments)
08 WMRPC (West Michigan Regional Planning Commission)
09 NEMCOG (Northeast Michigan Council of Governments)
10 Networks Northwest (Networks Northwest)
11 EUP (Eastern Upper Peninsula Regional Planning and Development Commission)
12 CUPPAD (Central Upper Peninsula Planning and Development Commission)
13 WUPPDR (Western Upper Peninsula Planning and Development Regional Commission)
14 WMSRDC (West Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission)