Why it Matters: Residential housing is a significant factor for determining enrollment. A net increase in residential building permits can translate to positive changes in enrollment. Conversely, a decrease (through demolitions) or stagnant growth can translate to negative changes in enrollment. (n131) (o346)

Data Source: The historical data presented has been loaded from information provided by the US Census Bureau or by the State Treasurer or Comptroller's office. Current and future year data has been entered by the municipality based on current budget and forecast information, or by Munetrix from available audited or budget information found in the public domain or provided by the jurisdiction itself. (n032)

Data Table for Orchard Lake Peer Group Net Residential Permits

Grosse Pointe Shores22411
Keego Harbor34322131822
New Buffalo14244768713
Orchard Lake622142649114
Pleasant Ridge24
Sylvan Lake111124212313