Why it Matters: Traffic Crashes are one measure used in studying the overall safety of a community, and also provides a way to understand how well public safety and road maintenance costs impact a community. (n118) (o275)

Data Source: Michigan Traffic Crash Data is provided by the Transportation Improvement Association (TIA) who receives the data from the Michigan State Police. Munetrix only publishes annual summary data. (n119)

Crash Incidents Data Table for Orchard Lake Peer Group
MunicipalityTypePopulationNoninjury IncidentsNoninjury per 1000Injury IncidentsInjury per 1000Fatal IncidentsFatal per 100
Sylvan LakeCity1,851553011600.000
Keego HarborCity3,403832414400.000
Orchard LakeCity2,47210542261100.000
Grosse Pointe ShoresCity2,84723812400.000
New BuffaloCity1,87838206300.000
Pleasant RidgeCity2,46315563271100.000