Why it Matters: Crime statistics are used by different groups for different things. On a political level, it provides a measure for the success or failure of certain criminal justice policies. On an operational level, it provides important information on how best to allocate municipal resources. From a civil society perspective, it provides indicators against which to measure criminal justice performance and therefore an important tool to hold accountability the various role-players in the criminal justice system (Institute for Security Studies). (n035)

Data Source: Data Source: Michigan State Police Incident Crime Reporting database (MICR)- The Michigan State Police provides access to these statistics and compiled reports for the purpose of studying the causes, trends and effects of crime in this state and for intelligence upon which to base programs of crime detection and prevention and the apprehension of criminals. Individuals using these statistics or reports are cautioned against making direct comparisons between cities or townships on the basis of population. Comparisons may lead to simplistic and/or incomplete analyses that could create misleading perceptions adversely affecting communities and their residents. The Michigan State Police is not responsible for any errors or omissions produced by secondary dissemination of this information. (n060)

Data Table

MunicipalityLies WithinPublic Safety
Crimes per
1,000 Residents
BurtonGenesee County$5,404,39328,652128512
ClioGenesee County$540,8782,50087210
CorunnaShiawassee County$394,8893,355179213
DavisonGenesee County$1,220,2954,9085669
DurandShiawassee County$640,1373,2961110015
FentonGenesee County$2,655,16811,3296595
FlintGenesee County$46,678,24195,943112416
FlushingGenesee County$1,562,3507,91510292
Grand BlancGenesee County$1,824,9337,9057473
Imlay CityLapeer County$1,029,7803,57747511
LaingsburgShiawassee County$112,5421,28118668
LapeerLapeer County$3,071,9478,621216618
LindenGenesee County$508,7303,91616201
MontroseGenesee County$246,7541,55414574
Mount MorrisGenesee County$604,9362,855912717
OwossoShiawassee County$1,990,31714,4841510014
PerryShiawassee County$379,3132,08513606
Swartz CreekGenesee County$1,689,4385,5113607

1Rank is based on Public Safety Expenditures per Capita in Descending Order

2Rank is based on the Crimes per Thousand Residents in Ascending Order