Why it Matters: The Expenditures Analysis graph correlates the size of municipalities, as measured by Total Expenditures, and Expenditures per capita respectively. The municipality on the far right has the largest budget. The municipality on the far left has the smallest budget. The higher up you travel on the graph indicates municipalities that spend the most per capita. For comparison purposes, Capital Outlay and Extraordinary Items have been excluded from the Expenditures Calculations. (n015) (o19)

Data Source: Historical Revenue & Expense data has been loaded from state available public data that each municipality files annually, and includes all fund types. Future Year data is loaded from the community's own budget or forecast projections and typically only includes General and other Governmental Funds. (n016)

Huron County - Data Table

MunicipalityLies WithinPopulationTotal
per Capita
Bingham TownshipHuron County1,648$653,35310$39625
Bloomfield TownshipHuron County439$569,01112$1,2964
Brookfield TownshipHuron County733$780,2828$1,0656
Caseville TownshipHuron County1,731$1,192,2674$68911
Chandler TownshipHuron County455$1,358,3692$2,9851
Colfax TownshipHuron County1,814$1,126,2865$62114
Dwight TownshipHuron County731$459,99818$62912
Fairhaven TownshipHuron County1,060$550,88213$52017
Gore TownshipHuron County139$115,05528$8288
Grant TownshipHuron County888$293,37923$33028
Hume TownshipHuron County720$451,85619$62813
Huron TownshipHuron County417$407,55920$9777
Lake TownshipHuron County824$463,39617$56215
Lincoln TownshipHuron County778$331,29021$42621
McKinley TownshipHuron County429$485,28515$1,1315
Meade TownshipHuron County692$294,49522$42622
Oliver TownshipHuron County1,425$781,1687$54816
Paris TownshipHuron County464$188,70927$40723
Pointe Aux Barques TownshipHuron County150$194,96326$1,3003
Port Austin TownshipHuron County1,373$1,037,4966$7569
Rubicon TownshipHuron County703$278,54324$39626
Sand Beach TownshipHuron County1,176$470,48616$40024
Sebewaing TownshipHuron County2,620$1,218,9283$46520
Sheridan TownshipHuron County685$227,72525$33227
Sherman TownshipHuron County1,041$515,37114$49518
Sigel TownshipHuron County448$736,8799$1,6452
Verona TownshipHuron County1,213$582,26311$48019
Winsor TownshipHuron County1,838$1,372,6141$74710

1Rank is based on Total Revenues (excluding extraordinary Revenue items).

2Rank is based on Revenues per Capita.