The McBain Rural Agricultural Schools is a District that lies within the Wexford-Missaukee ISD in the Northern Lower Peninsula Region of Michigan. The 2018 Blended Enrollment count reported 1,048 pupils; up 28 from the prior year.
How McBain Rural Agricultural Schools Compares Financially

Of the 7 Districts within the Peer Group WMISD SCHOOLS, McBain Rural Agricultural Schools, with General Fund only Expenditures of $10,248,936, places 4 in terms of total expenditures for fiscal year 2018. Spending $9,780 per student ranks McBain Rural Agricultural Schools 3 in terms Expenditures per Student which is $76 more than the Peer Group average of $9,704.


Why it Matters: Mouse over the dots to see which district is reflected and the detail about their expenditures per student. The Expenditures Analysis graph correlates the size of schools, as measured by Total Expenditures, and Expenditures per Student respectively. The district on the far right has the largest budget. The district on the far left has the smallest budget. The higher up you travel on the graph indicates districts that spend the most per student. (n075) (o35)

Data Source: The school district financial data comes from two sources. Historic data is provided by downloads from the Michigan Department of Education, Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) Financial Information Database (FID). Future data is loaded by the respective school district financial department. (n040)

Data Table listing all the Districts in WMISD SCHOOLS

School NameLies WithinTotal
per Student
Cadillac Area Public SchoolsWexford-Missaukee ISD$30,065,84813,143$9,5667
Lake City Area School DistrictWexford-Missaukee ISD$11,360,97121,172$9,6944
Manton Consolidated SchoolsWexford-Missaukee ISD$9,273,1925967$9,5905
Marion Public SchoolsWexford-Missaukee ISD$5,142,4107505$10,1922
McBain Rural Agricultural SchoolsWexford-Missaukee ISD$10,248,93641,048$9,7803
Mesick Consolidated SchoolsWexford-Missaukee ISD$6,342,6586615$10,3131
Pine River Area SchoolsWexford-Missaukee ISD$10,291,14931,075$9,5736

1Rank is based on Total Expenditures

2Rank is based on the Expenditures per Student