How McBain Rural Agricultural Schools Operations & Maintenance Compares to its Geographic Peers

Of the 7 Districts within the WMISD SCHOOLS peer group reporting data, McBain Rural Agricultural Schools, with General Fund only expenditures of $10,092,976, places 4 in terms of total expenditures for fiscal year 2019. With an Operations & Maintenance percent of 9.9%, McBain Rural Agricultural Schools places 5 in terms of Operations as a Percent of Expenditures. The McBain Rural Agricultural Schools 9.9% expenditures is 0.3% more than the peer group average of 9.6%.


Why it Matters: Operation & Maintenance expenditures represent the activities concerned with keeping the physical plant open, clean and ready for daily use. In addition, Security Services are included in this category. With statewide declining enrollments, it becomes a challenge to maintain existing infrastructure with decreasing pupil counts. The color of the dots correspond to the school's Fiscal Indicator Score. (n082) (o91)

Data Source: The school district financial data comes from two sources. Historic data is provided by downloads from the State Department of Education. Future data is loaded by the respective school district financial department. (n040)

Data Table

District NameLies WithinOperations
Total Expenditures (General Fund only)1Peer
Operations as a Percent of Expenditures2Peer
Cadillac Area Public SchoolsWexford-Missaukee ISD2,815,94631,044,40119.1%3
Lake City Area School DistrictWexford-Missaukee ISD1,169,31712,184,28029.6%4
Manton Consolidated SchoolsWexford-Missaukee ISD749,8969,503,66457.9%1
Marion Public SchoolsWexford-Missaukee ISD403,2705,015,53878%2
McBain Rural Agricultural SchoolsWexford-Missaukee ISD998,02810,092,97649.9%5
Mesick Consolidated SchoolsWexford-Missaukee ISD833,8376,723,474612.4%7
Pine River Area SchoolsWexford-Missaukee ISD1,079,21510,532,781310.2%6

1Rank is based on Total Expenditures (General Fund only) in descending order.

2Rank is based on Operations as a Percent of Expenditures in ascending order