Why it Matters: Looking at data put in context is an easier way for people to understand the numbers they are looking at. The Expenditures per Student Peer Charts uses ALL expenditures for the categories shown and divides by the blended FTE pupil count to calculate a static number. This number is then compared against the Peers the subscribing school has chosen. (n048) (o197)

Data Source: The school district financial data comes from two sources. Historic data is provided by downloads from the State Department of Education. Future data is loaded by the respective school district financial department. (n040)

Data Table for Revenues per Student

School NameEnrollmentLocal SourcesState SourcesFederal SourcesIncoming Transfers and Other TransactionsOther Financing SourcesNon-Educational EntityFund Modification
Alcona Community Schools699$7,583$2,580$541$1,059$153$0$0
Bangor Township Schools2,545$1,147$8,472$205$10$0$0$28
Hale Area Schools342$9,802$1,394$949$0$0$0$65
Oscoda Area Schools1,151$5,651$4,223$698$200$-4$0$46
Pinconning Area Schools1,271$1,313$8,435$336$0$0$109$0
Standish-Sterling Community Schools1,574$1,592$7,924$307$177$0$47$44
Tawas Area Schools1,244$3,835$5,474$330$2$6$0$0
West Branch-Rose City Area Schools2,039$3,475$6,461$627$19$105$0$12
Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools781$2,596$6,741$763$17$0$19$36