Why it Matters: Revenues provide the funding to pay our bills. The primary source of a school district's funding is a state-determined per pupil allocation, which includes local property taxes. Other funding includes state and federal grants; transfers from other districts, Intermediate School Districts (ISD), and other funds. Expenditures represent the cost of providing public education. As an educational service provider to the community, expenditures cover the cost associated with running the school district, which includes pre-kindergarten through post-secondary operations. This chart displays total revenues and expenditures on a per student basis. (n058) (o213)

Data Source: The historical data presented has been loaded from information provided by the US Census Bureau or by the State Treasurer or Comptroller's office. Current and future year data has been entered by the municipality based on current budget and forecast information, or by Munetrix from available audited or budget information found in the public domain or provided by the jurisdiction itself. (n032)

WMISD SCHOOLS - Data Table - General Fund only

School NameLies WithinEnrollment1Enrollment
Revenues per PupilExpenditures per Pupil2Expenditures
Cadillac Area Public SchoolsWexford-Missaukee ISD3,1441$9,608$9,4024No
Lake City Area School DistrictWexford-Missaukee ISD1,1472$9,486$9,4503No
Manton Consolidated SchoolsWexford-Missaukee ISD9925$9,246$9,1657No
Marion Public SchoolsWexford-Missaukee ISD5037$10,345$10,3891No
McBain Rural Agricultural SchoolsWexford-Missaukee ISD1,0204$9,227$9,3146No
Mesick Consolidated SchoolsWexford-Missaukee ISD6146$10,269$10,1902No
Pine River Area SchoolsWexford-Missaukee ISD1,0443$9,541$9,3665No

1Rank is based on Enrollment in descending order.

2Rank is based on Expenditures per Pupil in descending.