Munetrix - Salaries per Benefits Analysis
How Tawas Area Schools Compares Financially

Of the 9 Districts within the Tawas Schools Comparable Districts, Tawas Area Schools, with Total Salaries of $5,623,911, places 6 in terms of Total Salaries for fiscal year 2019. Spending $41,659 per FTE, Tawas Area Schools ranks 3 in terms of Salaries per FTE which is $553 more than the region average of $41,106.


Why it Matters: Mouse over the dots to see which district is reflected and the detail about their Salaries (no benefits) per Staff (FTE). The Salaries graph correlates the size of schools, as measured by Total Salaries Expenditures, and Salaries per Staff (FTE) respectively. The district on the far right has the largest Total Salaries. The district on the far left has the smallest Total Salaries. The higher up you travel on the graph indicates districts that spend the most per staff member. (n109) (o36)

Data Source: The school district financial data comes from two sources. Historic data is provided by downloads from the Michigan Department of Education, Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) Financial Information Database (FID). Future data is loaded by the respective school district financial department. When optionally viewing Purchased Services, the expenditures are calculated by inlcluding Object Codes 3100 (Non-payroll Professional and Technical Services) and 3300 (Client/Pupil Transportation). (n099)

Data Table showing all the Districts in the Tawas Schools Comparable Districts

School NameLies WithinFTE'sSalaries1Peer
Alcona Community SchoolsAlpena-Montmorency-Alcona ESD78$3,624,1818$46,4642
Bangor Township SchoolsBay-Arenac ISD245$11,980,2341$48,8991
Hale Area SchoolsIosco RESA52$1,681,7019$32,3409
Oscoda Area SchoolsIosco RESA151$6,148,6495$40,7205
Pinconning Area SchoolsBay-Arenac ISD152$6,326,6814$41,6234
Standish-Sterling Community SchoolsBay-Arenac ISD187$7,504,3643$40,1306
Tawas Area SchoolsIosco RESA135$5,623,9116$41,6593
West Branch-Rose City Area SchoolsC.O.O.R. ISD247$9,613,7532$38,9228
Whittemore-Prescott Area SchoolsIosco RESA94$3,684,4697$39,1967

1Rank is based on Salaries & Benefits in descending order

2Rank is based on the Compensation per FTE