Why it Matters: The purpose of the report is to count students who were identified as being eligible for free or reduced-price lunches. Data is pulled from the Michigan Student Data System (MSDS) using Good Student Records. There is a strong correlation between the number of Free & Reduced Lunch students and At-risk students; implying a higher level of special needs. (n092) (o126)

Data Source: The school district financial data comes from two sources. Historic data is provided by downloads from the State Department of Education. Future data is loaded by the respective school district financial department. (n040)

Data Table for WMISD SCHOOLS Free & Reduced Lunch Counts

District NameYearFree EligibleReduced EligibleNot EligibleTotal Eligible(Free+Reduced)
Cadillac Area Public Schools2011154922413981773
Cadillac Area Public Schools2012149525213271747
Cadillac Area Public Schools2013154726212531809
Cadillac Area Public Schools2014148220514291687
Cadillac Area Public Schools2015143119714851628
Cadillac Area Public Schools2016141421014901624
Cadillac Area Public Schools2017148228614201768
Cadillac Area Public Schools2018159423813181832
Cadillac Area Public Schools2019162328812251911
Cadillac Area Public Schools2020173426911202003
Lake City Area School District201162398396721
Lake City Area School District2012676102380778
Lake City Area School District2013651136372787
Lake City Area School District2014610122412732
Lake City Area School District201563194395725
Lake City Area School District201660199428700
Lake City Area School District2017599119436718
Lake City Area School District2018689105385794
Lake City Area School District201967294400766
Lake City Area School District2020722103391825
Manton Consolidated Schools201150484385588
Manton Consolidated Schools201251781351598
Manton Consolidated Schools201352263334585
Manton Consolidated Schools201449294324586
Manton Consolidated Schools201544189403530
Manton Consolidated Schools2016425126398551
Manton Consolidated Schools2017441124422565
Manton Consolidated Schools201849093372583
Manton Consolidated Schools201946792393559
Manton Consolidated Schools202049978378577
Marion Public Schools201133345172378
Marion Public Schools201233432160366
Marion Public Schools201335931157390
Marion Public Schools201432822166350
Marion Public Schools201529822193320
Marion Public Schools201630124174325
Marion Public Schools201727417181291
Marion Public Schools201830913123322
Marion Public Schools201926811142279
Marion Public Schools202027523111298
McBain Rural Agricultural Schools2011372147556519
McBain Rural Agricultural Schools2012368155576523
McBain Rural Agricultural Schools2013369127572496
McBain Rural Agricultural Schools2014380136512516
McBain Rural Agricultural Schools2015377122509499
McBain Rural Agricultural Schools2016366108549474
McBain Rural Agricultural Schools2017365132512497
McBain Rural Agricultural Schools2018408109533517
McBain Rural Agricultural Schools201941378537491
McBain Rural Agricultural Schools202043590540525
Mesick Consolidated Schools201144348252491
Mesick Consolidated Schools201242647239473
Mesick Consolidated Schools201341131216442
Mesick Consolidated Schools201442441172465
Mesick Consolidated Schools201541452168466
Mesick Consolidated Schools201637243210415
Mesick Consolidated Schools201736564182429
Mesick Consolidated Schools201841346170459
Mesick Consolidated Schools201942041193461
Mesick Consolidated Schools202036356176419
Pine River Area Schools2011604115498719
Pine River Area Schools2012548133487681
Pine River Area Schools2013498129500627
Pine River Area Schools2014485114470599
Pine River Area Schools201551999439618
Pine River Area Schools2016475106473581
Pine River Area Schools2017409107506516
Pine River Area Schools201852975482604
Pine River Area Schools201951394463607
Pine River Area Schools202049898448596